1 love eye activity

* * glasses to "love make the horizon is better" as the theme of thepropaganda and promotion activities will be open to * *, and will last to the end of 5. This activity to love as the main line, advocating love and eye protection, and provide incentives for customers.

With staining, discoloration and polarized lenses can enjoy 12% off discountfrom * * to * * to XX glasses, discount brands include: 1, Nikon staining,discoloration of the lens; 2, Essilor staining, discoloration, polarized lenses;3, TAG Heuer staining lens; 4, POLYDOR photochromic lenses.

During the activity, consumption quota of sunglasses and contact lensesgive discount coupons, as follows:

Spending over 500 yuan, give blue ticket, buy sunglasses lenses 15% off,share 6% off;

Spending over 1000 yuan, gifts of silver ticket, buy sunglasses lenses 20 percent off, share 8% off;

Spending over 2000 yuan, give the golden ticket purchase sunglasses; 25% off, the purchase of invisible glasses 10 percent off.

At the beginning of 2 contact lens wearer buy manual

Contact lenses which belongs to the medical appliance products, fittingcontact lenses must go to a regular, hold business certificate of medical apparatus and instruments of the shops to buy. In order to eye health andthe right choice for you, please be careful


One, understand the contact lenses

1 what is invisible glasses:

Contact lenses (contact lens), or contact lens, is worn on the eye cornea,lens is used to correct vision or eye protection. Invisible glasses not onlymyopia and hyperopia, astigmatism diopter patients to bring a lot ofimprovement from the appearance and convenience, but also a wide field of vision, visual and vivid. In addition to controlling juvenile myopia,astigmatism development, special treatment of eye diseases and other aspects also play its special function.

The 2 contact lens fitting:

Buy a pair of contact lenses, usually paired the following items:

The contact lens: refers to the lens.

The nursing liquid: used for cleaning, disinfection, moist, except for proteincomponents processing and chemical solutions on lens;

The nursing tool: used in the operation of the mirror box, tweezers, suck rod and used for disinfection of utensils;

The nursing program: lens clean, washing, disinfection and regular weeklyon the lens on the accumulation of denatured protein precipitatestrengthening clearance and disinfection steps that.

The classification and characteristics of the 3 contact lenses:

Contact lenses can be divided into many types, classified from material properties, wear mode, use cycle, moisture, center thickness and function etc.. According to different requirements, we can choose different contact lenses. Click to see the invisible glasses classification and characteristics.

Parameters of 4 contact lenses:

Invisible glasses based parameters generally includes the base curve,moisture, lens diameter, oxygen permeability, details please refer to thedetailed explanation of each parameter of invisible glasses.

Need to check a project two, before wearing

Must have corresponding examination of contact lens wear in front, so as toconfirm whether you wear, especially at the beginning of the wearer must go to the Department of ophthalmology hospital or a regular optical shop inspection. A detailed examination of the project please refer to the contact lenses with routine examination.

Common problem three, the first to buy contact lenses

The initial purchase of contact lenses, because do not know about contact lenses, and on his own for what kind of contact lenses in doubt, therefore,the beginning of the purchase will be very confused. Ultra billion glasses for your list of customers common problems, common problems at the beginning of purchase details please see wear contact lenses.

Four, contact lens wearing method:

A lot of contact lens wearer did not master the correct method of take off,the result is not convenient to take off, and even lead to the damage oflens, especially beginning with from the start to develop the right habits take off. Specific methods please click contact lens properly take off method.

Five, contact lens care and maintenance

Contact lens care and maintenance is very important. Nursing care ofproperly, not only can extend the service life, improve the lenses of the lens,the more important is the incidence of ocular complications can reduce thewear caused by the mirror. Contrary, if care is not of lens by formaloperating procedures, it may cause lens damage and eye disease, and even cause serious eye complications. For details, please refer to click a contact lens care and maintenance.

Six, wearing contact lenses indications and contraindications

Contact lens is a medical device, so physically than wearing frame glassesmore strictly. He is not suitable for everyone to wear, for different peoplehave different wearing effects, so we have to know its indications and contraindications. For details, please refer to the contact lens wearing the indications and contraindications.

3 eye care - moving your eyes

A. telescopic movement

When you need a long time to read or use eyes, remember every 50 minutes, eyes rest for 10 minutes and do telescopic movement. Very simple,to find a wide field of vision, staring at a king 20 meter outside, intently to see clearly or to search for target way wandering eye, a few minutes later to see close things, so repeated several times.

B. closing movements

Eyes closed is movement, some situations will be the best eye movements,such as when you can't find the open vision do telescopic movement, might as well close your eyes for 10 minutes, is also very effective, or have a sense of

Tired tired, more should take sufficient rest with eyes closed, after all, is the best eyes rest method.

C. eyes Gymnastics

The eyes rotate, one can help spirits, two active eye beads, both, the most suitable for busy office workers and reading teenager, first look at it